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Want to grow your art business ?

Accelerate your business in 6 weeks

Design a feasible enterprise, accelerate sales, and join a community with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Fineline is offering two, six-week unique and intensive business accelerator programs for artist entrepreneurs seeking to ethically grow their enterprises.  

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Co-Lab Spring 2023 Recap

Co-Lab is a skill development opportunity where artist entrepreneurs learned how to create, clarify and align their vision, mission and mantra, curate a compelling online art collection and super power their origin and purpose story.

Learn more about Co-Lab and the artists involved below!

“Co-Lab gave me a rare opportunity in discovering elements of business management I wasn’t aware of. The staff was really supportive and pushed me out of my comfort zone to enhance my brand."

Sarah Alinia Ziazi, Illustrator and Muralist

Watch the pitch videos of these artists online businesses!
Co-Lab Artists were given the rare opportunity to showcase at OCAD U's GradEx 108 (May 4 - 7)
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